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20 Mermaid Hair Ideas

Long Pastel Mermaid Hair

20 fascinating ideas of creating an image of a mermaid

The trend of gray hair will never die, and the image in combination with the mermaid strands looks absolutely perfect. Dark black roots are mixed with the beautiful color Aqua, which gradually turns into a beautiful gray.

If this is what real mermaids look like, give us a pair of binoculars and leave us on the beach. These incredibly beautiful long waves on the beach created an immaculate aquamarine look. Long Red Blue And Green Hair Long Pastel Mermaid Hair Platinum And Lavender Hair Color Idea Can there be a more appropriate name for this style? With colors selected from the depths of the ocean, this hairstyle is one of the best. The roots of deep blue turn into Aqua color with green stripes, giving the effect of movement.

Then the color is repeated again, turning into a deep berry blue at the tips. This style is without a doubt a deep-water masterpiece.
Rainbow Lob With Bangs Lavender And Mint Hair Color Black Hair With Rainbow Highlights Especially beautiful green hair looks in this style. Transitioning from black to silver-gray, the roots are combined with phantom green, creating the effect of a natural transition.

Style creates enough volume and is ideal for women with medium hair length.Blue Green And Yellow Ombre Blue And Teal Hair Color Pink And Orange Straight Hair Speaking of thin hair and creating volume, this style has created its own concept. The deep green color at the roots, disappearing at the tips, looks phenomenal.

The advantage is that you do not need to lighten your hair to achieve this effect. Natural yellow tones will add volume and will look beautiful when turning green.Blue And Pink Hair Color Burgundy And Orange Balayage Hair Purple To Gray Ombre HairAn alien mermaid who loves peacocks? Sounds mysterious. With tones of jade, teal and royal blue, this style is nothing but perfection.

Different tones of curls help to achieve the effect of movement, making this style ideal for women in need of hair volume.

Blonde Hair With Rainbow Highlights Pink And Mint Hair Color Idea White Blonde Hair With Burgundy Dip Dye Like the previous style, this one also includes multi-colored strands. The style turned on the pop purple, adding volume to this multi-ton style.

Beach waves only help to bring the whole image together, making it one of the best mermaid styles that our eyes fell on.Blue And Purple Balayage For Brown Hair Pastel Purple Hair With Blue And Green Highlights Long Layered Pastel Purple Hair This style is so snooty with its color scheme that looks like a storm. Dark roots dissolve in denim blue, which acquires silvery tones at the tips. Style bold, beautiful and bold at the same time.

We love beautiful platinum, but this style has lifted the image to a whole new level by adding shades of blue and purple to the lower layers. Two-Tone Pastel Pink Hair Color Idea Pastel Purple To Teal Ombre Hair



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