24 Hair Colors for Summer 2019

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Fashionable Hair Colors for the Summer of 2019

Choosing a fashionable color for dyeing hair for the summer of 2019, you should pay attention to trendy colors and techniques. If you still have not chosen the perfect hairstyle, let’s look at fashion trends together.

This summer will be popular as a calm, natural ways of coloring, and bold, unusual options.Layered Light Brown Balayage Hair Ash Blonde Hair With Rainbow Highlights Black And Pastel Blue Undercut Of course, choosing a shade is based on your lifestyle, place of work, address code and personal preferences. It is possible to paint the hair at home as well; purchased paints, while strictly following the instructions, are in no way inferior to coloring in the salon.

But it is necessary to be careful when dyeing blonde with a dark tone, as you first need to lighten the hair. This is a complex, multi-step process that is best performed in a professional salon. Otherwise, the outcome may be unpredictable.

Pastel Purple Hair Color With Highlights Black To Purple Ombre Black Hair With Blue Ends Eggplant shade looks very rich, deep, spectacular. This is not just purple paint, it is a complex interweaving of colors with reflections and highlights.

The shade is suitable for women of any age and color type. But it is important to choose the right tone, which will not add years and emphasize wrinkles.White Blonde Hair Color Pastel Blue Hair

Brown Hair With Golden Blonde Highlights In the salons, look at the colors with the names “Chocolate-Lilac”, “Ripe Eggplant”, “Plum” or “Rich Purple”. If you still do not want to spoil the hair with paint, eggplant color can be achieved with henna, mousse or tonic, but the durability will not be as high.

Lavender belongs to the same color scheme as the previous color, but it is more gentle, light, light, it is a certain middle between purple and pink. The shade has a cold undertone, can rejuvenate the face and hide wrinkles.Orange Red Wavy Bob Pastel Pink Hair Color

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