30 Light Blue Hair Color Ideas

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30 Light Blue Hair Color Ideas

Bright coloring is fashionable and stylish, but it is far from being for everyone. Blue and blue shades are a pleasant exception. According to L’Oréal Professionnel, a Spanish expert, Patrizia Robel, the secret of the popularity of this type of coloring is just in wearability.

“Denim goes with almost any color. Gentle and barely noticeable or bright, conspicuous – blue and blue hairs go very much, ”Patricia notes. And especially blue-eyed blondes, blond with dark eyes and burning brunettes.Cobalt Blue And Aquamarine Hair Color Teal Hair Color Idea Pastel Blue BobThe first thing you should attend to if you decide to dye your hair blue is to search for a competent expert. Based on your personal style and physical characteristics, an experienced specialist will help you choose the shade of blue that will suit you.

“Just like jeans have a huge amount of shades, blue hair has dozens of variations,” notes Patricia Robel. – When choosing a color, the stylist takes into account the shade of your eyes, the shape of your face and skin color. Turquoise Pixie Bob With Blue Roots Pastel Blue Hair With Purple Highlights Gray And Turquoise Hair Pale cornflower blue, sky blue, aquamarine or aquamarine – in blue and blue about fifty shades. Here are some of the most popular this season.

An important advantage of aqua and turquoise staining is the ability to visually rejuvenate, so it can be recommended after thirty.

Half Blue Half Copper Hair Color Idea Teal Hair With Purple Highlights Pastel Blue Undercut HairstyleAnother noble shade that looks good both in full-color format, and in the form of highlighting or contouring. Good for both blond hair and dark hair.

The optimal choice for those who want to try a new trend, but is not yet ready for full-color dyeing.

Medium Straight Pastel Blue Hairstyle Curly Pastel Blue And Gray Updo Blue To Ash Blonde Reverse OmbreMake a blue highlight or balayazh, completely repaint the hair in blue or to touch only the tips or individual strands? Turn to lasting staining or restrict shampoo? There are dozens of ways to try on yourself fashionable extreme romance.

The main thing – to take into account the features of the exterior. “Your stylist can add personality to your image and play with the intensity of color,” Patricia Robel

Blue Hair With Purple Roots Pastel Blue Hair With Gray Highlights Reverse Blue Ombre For example, mix several different shades to create the impression of faded staining and regrown roots.

To emphasize the shade of the eyes, the stylist can use a small amount of blue dye around the cheeks or simply turn to contouring, with which you can emphasize the profile or individual features of the face. “Messy Knots Mohawk Updo Blonde Hair With Blue Balayage long blue and blonde hairPermanent staining requires a professional approach, so it should be done only in the cabin. If you are a fan of home procedures, pay attention to semi-permanent or tint products with a non-ammonia structure.

They will give the curls a bright shade, but they will wash off themselves naturally. According to Patricia Robel, this method is especially good for impulsive girls who love change and often try on new images.

ice blue hair pale blue hair Long Pastel Blue Hair With Dark Roots Dark roots do not lose popularity in the new season. Brown-haired women and brunettes should combine this trend with staining in blue, blue-green or indigo.

Stylish solution for blondes and blond.

Blue And Purple Messy Updo blue and blonde bob black roots and light blue tips A smooth transition from light ends to dark roots is traditional for a classic square or bean. However, in combination with blue and blue ombra stains looks very unusual.

A few blue strands in bangs are a great solution for those who like experiments, but have not yet decided on a full-color format. Looks particularly good in combination with a pixie haircut.

long blue haircut powder blue hair bright blue long bob A few blue strands perfectly refresh any short cut. An additional plus of this solution: if you wish, colored curls can be stabbed, returning to a more restrained image.

Long and medium hair does not leave much space for experimentation, so blue and blue coloring is a good way to liven up the usual bow. Play with the techniques and intensity of coloring to choose the image that is perfect for you.grey and pale blue hair light blue lob

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