40 Pastel Hair Colors

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40 Pastel Hair Colors

If you want your hair color to be light and delicate, but at the same time quite unusual, then pastel hair, which will be very popular this summer, is just what you need.

Last year, hair in pastel shades can often be found on the catwalks, for example, the well-known fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld created a whole collection

black to emerald green ombre platinum bob with pastel highlights pastel strawberry blonde hair colorfor Chanel in which the models enter the catwalk with pastel colored hairstyles.

The collection of soft pastel shades is very large – pink, peach, blue, lilac, and even green. Properly dyed hair will give your image softness, tenderness and romance.

blonde hair with pastel pink stripe brown to lavender ombre for long hair pastel pink layered hairstyleAll these shades should not be too bright, they should settle on your hair like a light colored haze.

Of course, this will require you to have a certain style of dress, so before dyeing again weigh the pros and cons.

Long Lavender Curly Hairstyle Long Choppy Bob With Silver Balayage Pastel Pink Hair With Rainbow HighlightsNatural light or previously clarified hair is very easily dyed in pastel colors.

It’s probably not worthwhile to lighten specially dark hair – after all, such a coloring is temporary, and for the sake of a couple of summer months you should not sacrifice healthy dark hair.

Short Undercut Hairstyle For Pastel Hair Pastel Purple Ombre Hair Light Pastel Pink To Teal Ombre HairTo obtain pastel shades on the hair, only tinting agents are used, permanent paints in this case will not work.

The pigment wash should be soft and natural, so that after a few weeks the hair will return to its original (as before toning) color.

Choppy Pastel Purple Pixie Pastel Rainbow Bob Pastel Copper Red Hair With Root FadeOn bleached or severely damaged hair, pigment flushing will occur a little faster. Such hair before any dyeing (including toning) should be strengthened.

Be sure to follow the instructions for staining for each specific tool (ratio of ingredients, exposure time).

Light Pastel Pink Balayage Hair Layered Silver Bob With Pastel Blue Balayage Pastel Pink Ombre Bob For a more intense color, apply dye to dry hair. After toning, with subsequent care, use shampoo and conditioner for colored hair.

Start from your color type, for example, peach shades are suitable for girls with dark skin, and pink hair will create a pleasant romantic image of a white-skinned blonde.

Pastel Teal Bob With Purple Highlights Long Pastel Rainbow Hair With Side Undercut Pastel Blue And Silver Hair It is not necessary to dye all the hair completely – you can tint the strands strained or make a colored dye like ombre (by coloring the ends or roots of the hair).

If you decide to change the color of your hair for just one day, we advise you to use special hair crayons, they offer a large palette of pastel colors (read how to dye your hair with crayons).Pastel Balayage Bob For Thin Hair Purple Teal And Pink Balayage Hair Pastel Green Hair With Black RootsTo remove colored chalk from the hair, just wash them with any shampoo. Another advantage of crayons for hair is that they can easily color even dark hair in pastel colors.

If you haven’t decided in the past, now is the time to return to these thoughts – dyeing in non-standard colors is more popular than ever, and a variety of dyes allows you to choose a shade for every taste.

Red And Pastel Pink Balayage Hair Pastel Teal Lob pastel rainbow hair Hairdresser-stylist Anastasia Ekimova explains step by step what is needed in order to be painted in neon yellow or pastel pink and not regret it.

In order not to regret the deed and to avoid unpleasant surprises in the process, you need to think carefully. Have you decided on the color? And with the type of staining? Are you familiar with the process?

long silver blonde hair with pastel highlights cherry red pastel hair black hair with pastel blue and purple highlights Are you ready to lighten, care for your hair, maintain color and, in the end, give away several thousand to become the owner of an unusual color? It is better to answer these questions in advance in order to be ready for anything.

When choosing a color, focus mainly on your aesthetic preferences and sensations.

layered teal and lavender pastel hair light brown hair with lavender ombre short layered golden blonde hairstyleThe most important thing is not relevance and not compatibility with color types, but how it affects your mood.

If green hair will delight you with its appearance every day, then it will suit you. If you feel beautiful with cotton candy hair, then you are on the way.

pastel blue hair with dark roots pastel green medium hairstyle wavy pastel purple hairstyleWhen choosing a color, consider its different shades: they can be either very light, pastel, or bright, saturated, or even neon. If you are thinking about pink, red, yellow, green, pay attention to the warm and cold variations of these colors.

Each of them will be combined in different ways with your appearance and skin.

layered mid-length pastel rainbow hairstyle short pastel purple bob brown blonde hair with pastel highlights turquoise pastel hair

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