40 Pastel Purple Hair Ideas

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Violet Ombre

Unusual hair colors have become so popular that now they can be found more often than natural shades. Especially purple hair, which has become one of the biggest trends on the scene.

Different shades of lilac, lavender, plum – there is something for everyone when it comes to this universal color. And we are all for ombre. Here we have compiled a list of the top 20 purple ombre styles that we found. But before we do this, let’s talk about how you can achieve this onion at home.

light brown bob with purple balayage dark brown to lavender ombre purple blonde hair with black roots

If you have dark hair, you need to pre-light it before you can dye it purple. Here is a step-by-step guide that tells you how to properly lighten and dye your hair in order to achieve a purple color.

This ombre is a unique combination of colors. Brown curls take purple tones in the middle of the hair. Purple starts with subtle pink hues and quickly turns into strong, rich hues. The result is really magical.brown hair with ash blonde and pastel purple balayage light pastel purple hair dark brown to purple ombre

There is no better combination than black and purple. Natural black was colored dark purple with such expert mixing that it is difficult to say where purple ends and black begins.

This hairstyle is a serious dream. Cold and rich purple at the root disappears to ashen lavender.

wavy pastel purple bob with black roots Medium Choppy Pastel Purple Hairstyle Long Pastel Purple Hair With Blue Roots

Talk about movement. This beautiful ombre begins with deep eggplant roots that fade to lavender.

A splash of blue and purple in the middle of the length helps to add movement and volume to the style. If your hair does not have enough shine, you will not go wrong with the choice.Choppy Pastel Purple Bob Brown Hair With Purple And White Highlights Light Brown And Lavender Balayage Hair These colors are so rich that we can almost taste, smell and hear them. Not to mention the fact that mixing in this style is true perfection.

Natural deep chocolate smoothly turns into a berry-plum shade. This style is so versatile that looks great in every season.Wavy Pastel Purple Bob With Highlights Brown Hair With Pastel Purple Balayage Long Pastel Purple Hair With Dark Roots To say that we are in love with this hairstyle is to say nothing. Plum shade at the roots has a subtle amethyst shades. In the middle of the length, the color has stronger, but pastel purple tones, and the tips end in beautiful lilac.

Braids and colored hair were made for each other. This image includes quick fading to medium length.Light Brown Hair With Pastel Purple Balayage Lavender Balayage For Long Light Brown Hair Pastel Purple Balayage For Brunette BobThe transition begins with a deep purple that blends brown and purple hues. This ombre is definitely suitable for all hair types and textures, as well as for all skin tones.

This is one of the best and simplest alternative fashion styles that we have seen, and this style will not be complete without the hair color.

Medium Length Purple To Pink Ombre Hair Silver And Pastel Purple Balayage Highlights Medium Layered Pastel Purple Hair The ash tones on this lavender are fooling you. The black roots in this style fade to bright lavender, which accepts subtle ashy tones. Ash tones add texture and volume, making this style ideal for people with thin hair.

This is definitely the smoothest purple ombre we put our eyes on. Black roots take on cool tones when they turn to gray and then to beautiful, delicate purple.

Pastel Blue Hair With Lavender Roots Multi-Colored Purple Balayage Hair Pastel Purple To Gray Ombre HairIt seems that the artist included gray tones to create movement and volume in this image.

How can eggplant color look so beautiful? Deep shade blends seamlessly with black and becomes brighter and brighter purple. The color is smooth and bright, and certainly suitable for all types and textures of hair.

Long Brown To Purple Ombre Hair Pastel Purple Pixie Bob Reverse Gray To Pastel Purple OmbreYou can never go wrong in tenderness. The expansion of the shadow root in this image makes it one of the best purple styles we have come across.

Thin lilac transitions to a platinum blonde when you look from the roots to the tips. If you like cool tones and want your hair to be light, this is the perfect purple hairstyle for you.

light lavender and silver gray hair pastel purple hair with lowlights lavender hair with pink rootsThis should be one of our favorite textured images. The purple root has a gray tint that fades to silver. The texture of this style makes it look like a big, beautiful, fluffy cloud.

We love the color combination in this style. While there are two eye-catching colors, deep amethyst and violet fuchsia, the artist also included shades of deep violet in the crown to add texture and volume. This style is great for fine hair.

ash blonde hair color with pastel purple balayage purple hair with highlights in updo purple updo with side and back victory rolls If you don’t want to change your natural hair color too much, it can be your style. Deep brown roots fade away to get bright plum tones and create a stunning image.

These colors must be banned for such magnificence! Dark purple roots fade to bright purple, and then to lilac at the tips. If you like fashionable purple hair, you will definitely fall in love with this hairstyle.

choppy pastel purple bob long wavy pastel purple hair ash blonde hair with purple rootsGlitter in this style, however! Natural black roots begin to acquire deep purple tones on medium lengths of stunning long hair. When you move further along the length of the hair, the color changes to a lighter but bright shade.

This image is definitely one of our favorite cold purple ombre styles.

medium length pastel purple hairstyle pastel purple balayage for light brown hair pastel ash purple hair color The pastel trend remains here, and if you can’t decide whether to choose purple with bright pink hues or blue, this image will let you get everything at once.

Deep black roots fade to tinted pink to purple, which then turns to beautiful lavender.pastel purple pixie

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